4CFB Fingerboard JK-A Mold with Splattered Deco Deck Bamboo Black/Green Complete

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Graphic Logo JK-A Deck : Splattered Deco Deck

Each 4CFB Splattered Deco Deck is hand painted and unique. No two are alike.

4 Corner Fingerboards offers a complete 5 Ply maple fingerboard with bearing wheels. Each fingerboard is made in a metal mold using hydraulic presses ,The holes are drilled four at a time insuring that they match perfectly. This is the same process used to make some of the worlds most popular fingerboards and it's also how full size skateboards are made.

Wooden Fingerboards with Bearing Wheels:

Each complete wooden fingerboard comes with molded fingerboard wheels that feature metal bearings.Fingerboard micro bearings are made in the  same way as full size skateboard bearings and they provide the most realistic fingerboard ride.

1 Wooden Fingerboard JK-A Mold (approximately 100mm long 30mm wide)

1 Precut Foam Grip Tape