4CFB Fingerboard FLT Mold Real Wear Graphic "Hector the Alien" Deck Complete

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 After crashing his ship, Hector the Alien, wreaks havoc across the land with his yellow beamed laser gun. His gigantic fly like eyes spot your every move – there is no escape, only death. His clawed fingers and eager fangs exist only to rip your flesh from your bones. Run while you can!

FLT Mold Real Wear Graphics Deck

The FLT is 4 Corner Fingerboards newest fingerboard deck shape you will find it our most subtle mold yet. The FLT has Low Kicks , Shallow dips and Mellow Concave. Like all 4 Corner fingerboards the decks are made of 5 plies of maple in a metal mold.

Real Wear Graphic

The FLT deck features Real Wear Graphics that are heat transferred to each deck individually. Like a full size skateboard graphic the image will wear with use.

1 Wooden Fingerboard FLT Mold (approximately 100mm long 30mm wide)

1 Precut Foam Grip Tape