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Fingerboard parts


Deck: The body of the fingerboard,where all
the pieces attach. Generally plastic, can be wood or other materials.

Griptape:Usually covers the entire top of the deck, grips the rider's finger, can be foamgriptape or standard sand paper texture, in a variety of colors.

Trucks: Consisting of a top and bottom, connects deck to wheels, made of light weight metal, can be painted for custom look.

Riser: sits under truck, gives board more pop when doing tricks, risers are not necessary for the fingerboard but are often added.

Bushings:Placed on the trucks, standard tech deck bushings are hard plastic, based on the tension of the bushing can give a softer of more rigid feel to the trucks, soft bushings give a soft feel, hard plastic ones giving a tight ride.
Wheels: Placed on the ends of the top truck, held on using bolts, come in a variety of colors and can be customed dyed, tech deck wheels are simple plastic, with no ball bearings.

Screws: Micro screws are used to hold the trucks to the decks, eight screws total, replacement screws can easily be found.

Bolts: Used to hold the wheels to the trucks and also used to hold the top and bottom truck pieces together.

Pivot Cups: Pivot cups do not come standard on tech deck fingerboards but are added while tuning the fingerboard, they are attached to the kingpin of the top truck and placed into the hole in the bottom truck.


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