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How To Tune A Fingerboard

Tuning a fingerboard consist of removing the standard parts on a fingerboard and replacing them with after market parts. Fingerboards generally come with plastic bushings and no pivot cups. With a few easy steps a completely new riding experience can be achieved.

Step One: Remove the standard hard plastic bushings that come on a standard fingerboard and replace them with soft bushings. Also add soft bushings and metal washers for better performance. Using different sets of soft bushings can give different feels. Soft bushings give a smoother more controlled feel.

Step Two: Add pivot cups to the fingerboard trucks, attach one end of the pivot cup to the hanger and the other end into the hole in the base plate. Adding bushings makes the trucks hanger higher making pivot cups necessary.
Step Three: Replace the standard gritty style grip tape with a foam grip tape made for doing fingerboard tricks. While standard grip tape gives a more realistic look, foam tape is needed for advanced tricks.


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