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How To Make A Wood Finger Skateboard

Make A Wood Fingerboard

Most finger skateboard decks found at the store are made of plastic. Kids often find these plastic models to lack pop and they want a wood fingerboard. With only a few tools and some sheets of wood veneer you can make your own wooden board.

What Do You Need ?


Fingerboard Mold: Usually made of plastic but can be found made of other hard materials even metal.

Five Sheets Wood Veneer: Thin sheets of wood usually maple are used. It's cut against the grain to give the deck strength.

Wood Glue: Holds the pieces of veneer together. Use a good wood glue.

Clamps: Clamping the fingerboard mold will compress the wood.

Scissors: Used to cut out fingerboard deck shape.

Sand Paper: Gives a smooth feel to the edges.

Plastic Tech Deck: Used to keep all the measurements and the shape correct.

What Do You Do ?

1. Using your fingers or a small brush apply the wood glue evenly to the fronts of all the sheets of wood veneer.

2. Line up the wood along the cut edges and place in the mold, keep the wood flat.

3. Clamp the mold tightly, wipe off the excess wood glue. Allow the glue to set up over night.

4. Remove the clamps. Place a tech deck over the glued sheets of veneer and trace the shape.

5. Use the scissors to cut along the traced fingerboard shape, be careful to follow the lines you traced.

6. Sand the wooden fingerboard removing all the rough edges.

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