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Do I Need Fingerboard Bearings ?

Companies like Tech Deck have been releasing fairly realistic looking miniature skateboards for a while now. Complete with beautiful graphics and cast metal trucks. The mini decks are almost identical to their full size cousins with the glaring exception of bearing wheels.
Bearings are the small metal rings that sit inside a skateboard wheel allowing it to roll more smoothly. A Standard plastic fingerboard is not made with wheel bearings included. Without the bearing the wheel sets directly on the truck,causing friction and slowing down the wheel. Fingerboard Wheel Bearings are made of metal and when placed on the fingerboard truck create an even motion that reduces friction.

Also bearing wheels roll freely with little resistance on almost any surface. Often on a smooth surface the standard wheels will stop rolling completely. This is not a problem with bearing wheels they continue to roll smoothly.

The wheel with the bearing included also creates a more realistic look. For the enthusiast trying to create the most authentic look possible with their finger skateboard, bearings are a must. The wheel itself can be standard molded plastic or a variety of other materials with various colors.


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